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Bess Computer Classes

Volunteering at All Saints Church, I taught seniors and women, ages 30-70, Microsoft Word for beginners.

As we all know, technology is a very big part of our everyday lives, we use all kinds of technologies to communicate, maintain and operate things in our homes, schools and jobs.

Bess computer classes are geared to teaching; seniors and adults. Seniors to be comfortable navigating through Internet Explorer, Chrome and Microsoft Word. Adults to be encouraged, educated and comfortable using Microsoft Word, Excel, Publisher and PowerPoint promoting jobs and career stabilities.

computer class

Bess Computer Classes for Beginners Teaches:

  • keystrokes on the keyboard

  • using the format painter

  • introduction to desk top and it features

  • how to close, logoff, restart computer

  • task bar and its features

  • office button and its features

  • quick access and its features

  • shortcuts

  • mouse right clicks short cuts

  • entering text in a document

  • creating a new document

  • opening a document

  • applying fonts

  • using the reading view

  • aligning text

  • changing character case

  • adding bullets and numbering

  • applying superscript

  • displaying formatting marks

  • inserting page numbers

  • inserting page and section breaks

  • adding footnotes and endnotes

  • viewing document statistics

  • using undo, redo and repeat

  • using templates

  • mouse coordination

  • finding and replacing text

  • checking spelling

  • checking grammar

  • finding and replacing text

  • using the thesaurus

  • setting page margins

  • setting page orientation and paper size

  • document’s text

  • setting text spacing

  • saving a document

  • viewing multiple documents

  • indenting paragraphs

  • using the mini toolbar

  • setting the view type and size

  • printing documents

  • using the clipboard

  • working with tabs

  • adding headers and footers

  • adding page numbers

  • inserting page and section breaks

  • adding hyperlinks and bookmarks

  • inserting symbols

  • highlighting text

Seeking To Teach Senior or Adult Education Centers and Transitional Housing For Women

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